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Come and try all terrain quad-buggy for the the first time and discover a playful and thrilling activity

45 Minutes
59 € / Driver
 Passanger or co-driver
(Call us to see our planning)

With Yaka Gwada you are not here for the race, but to discover the little-known parts of « the Island of beautiful waters ». 

Before each trail, we will brief you on the buggy and how to drive it.

We will show you how to get familiar with the vehicle and we will explain you the basic safety rules to follow. We will also ask you to act responsibly and to respect the amazing environment surrounding us.

Whether you are with your family, your partner or with a group of friends, all our trails will allow you to enjoy breath-taking views and multiple landscapes, thanks to a comfortable and easy-to-use two-seat four-wheeler.

From rocky tracks, sandy paths, sugar-canes fields, banana plantations, sea-side landscapes, to old historical remains, and why not, testing a good glass of rum… we offer lots of different formulas… and for the trails between 1:30 and 3 hour long, an indispensable swim is scheduled.



Discover an historical part of Guadeloupe that will take you through the routes of the « Steps of the slaves » and the « Cursed fig trees ». 

90 € / Driver
5 € / Passanger or co-driver
(Departure 8h30

Get even further away and escape into the local culture in the hinterland and drive also along wonderful beaches. 

140 € / Driver
5 € / Passanger ou co-driver
(Departure 8h30
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